969292 Lampa mosaic Pennin hand-made

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Lampa din mosaic Pennin hand-made – este o lampa ambientala confectionata manual in Turcia.

  • Inaltime : 50 cm
  • Diametru: 18 cm
  • Lungime cablu : 120 cm
  • Bec : E14 (nu este inclus) recomandat a se pune LED 1-3 W
  • Voltaj : 220v

Ideally suited for your living room, bedroom or chill lounge. This detailled mosaic lamp made of glass turns practically every room into your personal comfort zone.The model Pennin shines in different bright colors. The tesserae form rhombuses, that are surrounded by beads which form a wave pattern (see fig.).

These mosaic table lamps are the ideal interior lamps to increase a relaxing vibe in your surroundings. Every single lamp shade is a handmade unique, that is vibrating with different color schemes. The classic oriental look remains, though each lamp has its own modern touch when it comes to design. Even without being switched on the mosaic glass distributes a certain character to the lamp.
Nevertheless, the mosaic lamp shows its greatest advantage in the dark, because as soon as it is being lit, the different color schemes and patterns provide a cozy incidence of light.

Each lamp is hand-made in Turkey. Every lamp is 100% unique.
We portend, that the lamp shades, though being created with care, can show sporadic unevenness.


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